Do you have installment loan?

Any of our tours you can buy with no down payment, by getting an Express installments for 15 days (without paying), the limit is 150, 000. Making in all sales offices or online from home.

In most corporate offices, we offer an exclusiv e credit without the initial contribution for a period of 6 to 10 months, up to a limit of 400,000 rubles, a fixed overpayment from 3 to 6%.

Can I pay by credit card, by Bank transfer?

Yes, every corporate sales office you can pay for your tour by Visa or Mastercard without a fee. Note that when paying by card before departure must stay at least 3 full working days. Unlike many travel companies we do not charge additional fees when paying by card.

What's included in the tour price?

The cost of the tour typically includes airfare round-trip transfer hotel-airport-hotel accompanied by Russian-speaking guide, hotel accommodation, meals according to the chosen system, medical insurance. Additionally paid: visa (visa countries), insurance (optional), extra for gala dinners. Russia tours typically do not include travel insurance and transfers.

What you cannot take with you on the plane as hand Luggage?

In hand Luggage, are prohibited: guns, knives, piercing and cutting items, ammunition, toys that mimic real weapons, flammable substances, radioactive materials, corrosive chemicals, toxic and infectious materials, poisons, compressed gases, magnetic materials and other dangerous substances.
The total volume of liquid that can be taken in the composition of the hand baggage should not exceed 100 ml. (except baby food and medication). Liquids in large tanks or have to check it, or pour it into little bottles. The containers must be Packed in plastic packaging with a volume of 1 L. note that liquids include not only water and drinks, but also syrups, creams, perfumes, gels, sprays, perfumes, toothpaste, containers under pressure.

If I got sick and can't fly?

In this case, You will be refunded the cost of the tour minus the actual costs incurred. Unfortunately, the disease often catches us just before departure, when these costs are already accounted for 100% of the tour cost. And payment will not be refunded.
To avoid this unpleasant situation, we recommend you to purchase travel insurance. It costs about 3% of the tour price, but adds much peace of mind for the upcoming holidays. Can’t fly now, go on vacation later, because the money will remain with You!
Particularly relevant insurance for families with young children who become sick very suddenly. In this case, the insurance will return 100% of the tour price.

You can change hotel / change the date of departure?

No. Change of departure date or hotel means a unilateral refusal of the customer from the tour. New hotel (departure) is available only after a complete cancellation of the previous one.
In case of cancellation of the tour, You will be required to reimburse the expenses incurred. Partners will report on the size of the fine us, and we You. If prior to departure more than a month and expenses, and as a result, the size of the penalty can be several tens of percent. But if a week or less a�� 100% of tour cost.
Tours of the “high date” in the new year or may holidays, the school holidays are almost always cancelled with penalties in 100%. Regardless of how many days are left before departure. The exact amount of the fine will clarify Your specialist for tourism.